Now You Can Find a Toilet When You Really Have to Go - but There's a Price

toiletOne of the things we so often take for granted is having a clean toilet to go to the bathroom in. Until, of course, we are out and about and the urge strikes ... an undeniable urge to pee (or worse) that cannot be ignored. And has to happen now. It's awful when that happens.

So there you are left wondering which disgusting public restroom you can do your business in ... or what restaurant you can pretend to be dining in just so you can use their loo. Fear not, people who have to pee really bad, there's an app for that! One called Airpnp! And it's perfect for three very specific kinds of people.


Yes! You can now rent a toilet for $20 on Airpnp when the urge strikes. It's just like Airbnb, but for going potty. Maybe you think this is absolutely nutso, but I think it's genius. There are times in life when you desperately need a toilet and not just any toilet will do. That's when this app comes in handy. And these are the people who benefit from it the most:

1. Parents of small children. As a mom, it's a dream come true. How often are we out and about and a kid has to pee?!? And kids love to touch everything. I've been in an NYC park bathroom and I feared my child was touching 67 diseases and the excrement of at least 12 people. Gross. I'd shell out the $20 for a clean toilet any day.

2. People with IBS. If you don't know what that means, you're lucky. It's Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Yeah. Not fun. When the urge to go strikes, so does panic. This app will help ease the worry about pooping in gross public bathrooms ... as long as your phone's app loads fast enough.

3. One-night standers. Airpnp is great for a quick change/spritz after a one-night stand kind of deal. For those who partake, sometimes you just want to get the heck out of there. But maybe those people have to be at work and need a minute (or 20) to freshen up but they don't want to do it at that person's house. This is for them.

What do you think of Airpnp? Would you use the service?


Image via nina_suzette/Flickr

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