3 Embarrassing Tech Mistakes You're Probably Making & 5 More to Watch For

keyboardA recent (and hilarious) survey proved some pretty interesting things about the average American's understanding of the technologies that most of us use every day. I love my computer and I love my TV and everything both devices do quite dearly. Still, I'd only consider myself borderline-literate when it comes to understanding the world of tech and all its splendors. But apparently I'm doing a lot better than some other folks currently kickin' it on this fair planet of ours.

Did you know that 1 in 10 people polled actually think that HTML is a sexually transmitted disease? If that were true, I might as well swatch my person in a body-sized prophylactic, because I'm up to my eyeballs in the stuff daily. Ew. I've made myself ill. But that wasn't the only tech term that threw folks for a loop.


Folks polled also thought that a gigabyte was an insect usually found in Africa. Additionally, they thought that motherboards were something found on a cruise ship. I can't even with this. It's making me feel like I'm basically a more alive version of Steve Jobs (too soon). I was cackling to myself about this, and I came up with a few other tech terms that we could easily trick these people into believing were defined as follows:

1. Defrag

A rare, tropical cure for the sudden onset of tiny frogs gestating in the abdominal cavity of a human being or house cat.

2. PDF

Shorthand, an acronym for a phrase coined by mean high school girls: Polite Dumpy Friends.

3. Google Chrome

The indestructible metal (crafted by Google) that adheres to Wolverine's skeleton, making him almost impossible to injure.

4. Outbox

A place to go to the bathroom. (And Microsoft wept.)

5. Cache

A small box full of jewels and also a magical lamp wherein a genie resides. Fun fact, when you "clear your cache," the genie gives you four wishes in thanks.

What are some tech terms that still throw you?


Image via ericnvntr/Flickr

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