Shelter Sells 4-Year-Old's Puppy to 'Better' Family & Won't Give It Back

dogOne young mother and her 4-year-old are despondent after losing their puppy. The real kicker? They know exactly who has the dog, who they named Rafiki, and there's no way they can get him back. The puppy in question escaped from the house, and while his owner looked for him frantically, he was put into a shelter and then taken in by another adoption agency who had already placed him (for a modest fee, of course) before, they claim, the dog could be returned.

You'd think this would be a simple misunderstanding easy to rectify. You'd think wrong, I'm sorry to say. The animal rescue group in question is standing by their decision. They basically went ahead and implied in a letter they shared via Facebook that because the pet in question wasn't micro-chipped, his first owners have only themselves to blame. Whoa. That's way harsh, Tai.

On the one hand, it's easy to see where the group who re-homed this lost dog is coming from. Surely if you cared about your animal at all, you'd make sure they were micro-chipped, and if they were lost, you'd do everything you could to find them -- and fast! But frankly, who are they to enact 'punishment' on a family for how they are looking after (or not looking after) their pet?

If they were really so concerned, they would have returned the dog to its rightful owner, issued a refund to the family they promised him to, and then filed a report with the police about potential animal neglect. They have no right to play judge and jury in this case. The relationships animals form with their people are so very important. That they would be so willing to sever that bond just to prove a point is pretty foul.

Do you have your pets micro-chipped?


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the4m... the4mutts

What a load of crap!! That SHOULD be considered theft.

None of my animals are microchipped, and it is not law that they are to have a chip implanted. Last year a HUGE wind storm blew half the fences in our neighborhood over. Including ours. We lost a 1yr old boxer baby of mine. We never saw her again. And you know what? She WAS microchipped and registered. The people who found her just registered her chip in their name. Its easy to steal a chipped animal.

It is completely wrong to steal a pet (this is stealing in my eyes), let alone sell it and blame the owners. Shit happens, pets get out. This is just so wrong.

Todd Vrancic

Amen, mutts.  Not microchipping an animal is not neglect.  I think the shelter or the adoption agency should make this right.

casso... cassobeano

"Surely, if you cared about your pretty at all, you'd make sure they were micro-chipped...." Really? Do you think before you type?

casso... cassobeano

Pet* damn autoauto correct

nonmember avatar LILAC

Shame on you Stir, for leaving so much of the story out. That women didn't give a darn about her dog, the dog was taken to a kill shelter 10 miles from the house, a very short distance for a large hunting breed dog to cover and probably the closest shelter to her home! The dog was on hold for 5 days, she had 5 days to call about her dog and her dogs picture was on the found page of the shelter! The dog was taken off hold and could have been legally killed at any time. On day 7 a rescue group came to the shelter and took ownership of her. A new family had already applied and seen the dog before the women called about it. This was like day 8 or 9 of the dog being missing. This women child was suposable "crying" over the missing dog but she never even called the shelter? I bet she thought she could avoid shelter fees by adopting her dog back from the rescue group only she was too late. She probably never thought the shelter would kill her sweet dog but that was a serious chance she was running. I hope the new family keeps the dog.

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

7-8 days isn't a lot of time. How many shelters are in the area?  How many rescue groups?  How far away was the rescue group that took the dog located from her area?  There are so many rescues, a lot of which you can't find phone numbers for on the internet. Lilac, you are being very judgmental. And that is coming from a person who loves animals more than people. There are plenty of great adopters who can provide a loving home and food but cannot afford the luxury of micro chipping. And don't even say if a person cannot afford the chip they should not adopt. There are way too many animals in shelters for that logic. Plenty of dog fighters have the means to chip, not that they would, but get dogs everyday. The rules about having a fence are stupid. If a person owns 100 acres of land a rescue will not let that person adopt unless it's all fenced. The AKA is worthless, greedy fuck heads. That rescue group is about making money, not about the welfare of animals. 


I was considering donating money to Karma Rescue, but, they won't be seeing a penny. Pet adoption places can be such a racket they want to vet you and do unscheduled checks, cps doesn't even do that for children.

Einyn Einyn

I'd go to the police. How isn't this theft?

nonmember avatar Dan B

Most rescues cannot legally take possession of an animal until they have been unclaimed after a certain length of time in the pound...Most rescues cannot pluck lost dogs of the streets and adopt them out. More than likely this dog was picked up , unclaimed at the pound and them given to the rescue to find a new home rather than euthanized as lots of pounds do. Perhaps you should look into what policy their hometown had for strays first, before printing a very biased story.

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