Gift or Tip? How Do You Show the Love During the Holidays?

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I just read over the Holiday Tippping guidelines over at Real Simple, but I'm still a little stumped over what to do, if anything, for the preschool teachers, the kindergarten teacher, the bus drivers, the mailman, the gardener (who we just had to lay off) and so on.

What do you give these important people during the holidays? Tips? Gifts? How much do you spend?


The Real Simple article made me worry even more, I think. They suggest $25 each for daycare providers. Leo has FOUR preschool teachers. Plus, then we have Clyde's kinder teacher, and they suggest up to $75 for just one teacher. Whoah! That's pretty steep. I don't think we can afford that even though we do love them and deeply appreciate them and all their hard work.

I was happy to read that teachers LOVE thank-you notes best cause that may be the best we can do this year. A thank-you note and maybe a much more minimal gift card to a bookstore or coffee shop.

I guess I'll just have the boys add in a few more "thank yous" on their notes for good measure.

+++ What do you give all the important helpers in your life? How do you show your appreciation without breaking the bank?

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