Woman Finds Snake Hiding in Her House in Clip That Will Give You Chills (WATCH)

snakeWhile home is supposed to symbolize a place of comfort and peace, that's not always the case, especially when we discover an uninvited guest. And I don't mean the two-legged kind. What one Swedish woman found living in a loudspeaker will send shivers down your spine.


A giant python had made a home there. Needless to say, she was terrified when she first saw it slithering across her apartment floor. Ick. At the risk of sounding like a totally stereotypical girl, I HATE SNAKES. They freak me out. BIG TIME. Clearly this woman shares that sentiment because she called for help immediately, but by the time cops arrived, it had crept into a hole in her speaker.

It refused to come out. Would not budge. It had put down stakes and wasn't leaving. So what's a snake-hating home owner to do? Coax it out with something appetizing. Something delicious. For a snake, unfortunately, that can't-resist-meal is a dead mouse. Ugh. As if dealing with the reptile weren't bad enough. They transported the speaker to an aquarium where the entire creepy catch was caught on tape.

Authorities say while the diamond python may have been scary, it was not deadly and was quite possibly a neighbor's pet. I don't know if that's better or worse. That means this could happen again if the neighbor has more of them or gets a new snake to replace this one. They are so malleable and crafty, they can use just about any crevice to find entry into your home. It's a terrifying thought, especially if it happens to be a venomous one or a breed that likes to squeeze its victims to death.

I am sure this woman is breathing a little easier knowing that the critter was captured. Let's just hope he didn't have any friends.

Take a look:

Have you ever found a snake in your house or yard? What did you do?


Image via Espressen TV

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