Lucky Woman Trapped in Department Store Has the Time of Her Life


One of my weird secret fantasies involves getting trapped inside of a huge mall overnight. After getting over the initial shock and fear, I figure it would be an absolute hoot. Can you imagine? I'd run from shop to shop trying on all of the clothing I could never afford. I'd play with makeup samples, eat all of the fro-yo I want at the food court, watch television in the entertainment section, and find the cushiest, most lush pillows and bed upon which to retreat and fall into a peaceful slumber.

One woman recently got to live out my fantasy. While trapped inside of Hudson's Bay Company, a department store in Toronto, Emily M. Keeler didn't go hog wild in Sephora, but she did live Tweet the entire experience. And the results are stupendous.

Emily was shopping for sheet sets in the bedding section of the store when the lights suddenly went out and she realized she was alone! In my solo shopping mall fantasy, the lights aren't actually off, and I could see how frightening this might be -- plus, it makes it much more difficult to try on designer dresses, doesn't it? Anyway, the young woman found solace in her phone and began tweeting about her incredibly odd night:

She seems pretty calm, doesn't she? Not that you can necessarily tell from a tweet. She was kind enough to snap a few photos and share them with us:

Okay, I guess you really can't just start playing with the cosmetics, can you? I mean, you could, but it would get stale really fast.

In her following tweet, Emily shares a mall secret we would have never guessed:

She then clearly begins to feel desperate:

And, finally, she is released!

 Overall, a few hours spent trapped in a mall seem a lot less exciting than I would have thought. Emily has kind of killed my daydream. But I'm really glad she had access to Twitter at the time because we all got to be entertained by the unfortunate, awesome circumstance she found herself in.

What would you do if you were trapped in a shopping mall?


Image via Stacey Huggins/Flickr

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swtga... swtgapeach8806

You can't really run free around the mall if you get trapped in a store since they lock every store individually, including the food court eateries. 

CLM3345 CLM3345

How do you get locked in a store? They announce about 5 times when it's close to closing time.

Kency09 Kency09

My sentiments exactly- BOTH posts above!

seriously though, I don't think I'd panic... #NovaleeNation!

Daniel Pontes

She can Tweet but didn't call 911? Something not right. Every business/multi residence has a PR on file even if there wasen't the police would have called a locksmith and she would have been out in 2 hours tops. I call BS.

Oshia Holcomb

I would call the police, makes sense to me.

nonmember avatar Brena

Surely there had to be an employee notice her before they left? Employees usually stay past closing to count the registers, mop, sweep, ect. How did she NOT get noticed? (she would have had to hide in a bathroom or something). She also apparently knew where the lightening was because she turned it on.

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