Another 'Real Housewife' Faces Foreclosure but This Time We're Surprised

joanna krupaI always thought this Real Housewives of Miami star's assets were fully loaded and secure. But apparently not! Joanna Krupa is facing foreclosure on her home because she owes nearly $725,000 in mortgage backpayments. Oof! And it gets worse, because this house was sold in 2004 for $670,000 -- so she may be one of those unfortunate people who owes more for her house than it's actually worth. Celebs: They're just like us! They also face foreclosure, womp womp

But hey, I'm not here to engage in gross schadenfreude -- really, I swear it. I'm genuinely sorry for Krupa. This must suck for her, especially since it's all over the tabloids. I'm wondering what her options are, since it also looks like she's out of a job, too.

Real Housewives of Miami is getting cut, so Krupa moved to Encino, California, and tried to get on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. From Encino?!? That's in the Valley, not the Hills. Oh Joanna. No wonder the show passed.

So what's happening with the house is that the bank has filed documents saying they want to put the house up for auction. Since this is in California, that means about a month ago, the bank would have warned Krupa they were going to file for foreclosure -- it's the law in California (foreclosure laws differ across states). So she saw this coming. That doesn't mean she was able to do anything about it, though.

Now that Krupa's bank has filed (according to TMZ), she has a three-month grace period before the bank schedules a date to sell her home. Then she has 20 more days before that sale can take place. So Joanna has almost four months to come up with the money, or at least a plan the bank will agree to.

Here's something else interesting -- even if the bank sells Krupa's house, they can't make her move out. She can stay put, and then it's up to the new owner to follow the procedure to evict her, if they want to. 

Oh, the really crappy part? If the house sells for less than Krupa owes, she still has to pay back the bank for the remainder. She could walk away and still owe the bank money. 

Krupa just met the Dalai Lama this week, though, so maybe she's got a fresh perspective on her financial problems. Nothing is permanent, Joanna. We all suffer. Ommmm.

Do you know anyone who's ever fought back after a foreclosure filing?


Image via Bravo

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youth... youthfulsoul

Sorry she's losing her house but glad that horrible Miami housewives is gone.

StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

I know someone who fought her forclosure and has been living in her house for the past 5 years mind you -- Yes I said 5 years == everytime the bank shows up to the house she shows them another law and it has been going on for 5 years -- Squaders rights maybe -- I do not know -- She is even willing to help anyone do the same as her -- Karma will get her though = NOT proud of her just saying she got around it for 5 years -- As far as Joanna - what can I say -- Kick that show to the curb -- BUT honestly why does she really want to go on RHOBH - is it because she wants to fight with Brandi -- Yolanda -- Or Yolanda's ex for stating she smelt like fish -- I do not know = BUT that would make for some interesting viewing -- Only she cannot get her demensions right - -she is down in the valley not up on the HILLS

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