Bad Joke Gets Man Banned From Hotel Chain for Life

not welcomeThere are lots of bad behaviors that would understandably get someone banned from a hotel. I imagine most of those reasons would be the result of a lot of booze and a wild party. However, that was far from the case for software consultant Jason Payne, who was banned from Hilton Hotels FOR LIFE. What did he do that was so bad? He told a really lame -- and tasteless -- joke.


His oh-so-offensive comment? When asked if he'd be checking in with pets, he quipped that the only one he had was a large snake in his trousers, adding "hope that's OK."

The craziest part of this story? He didn't even make the comment to another human being. He wrote it on an online booking form. He never even thought anyone would actually read it. When he checked in, he says the receptionist laughed. He had no idea why until he received an email a couple days later. The Hilton Basingstoke Hotel manager said that the hotel was unwilling to accept "abusive language" or allow staff to be put in "uncomfortable positions." It went on to say that he would not be able to make any future bookings.

If I were him, I'd be outraged. What he did is nothing compared to what truly horrible, unruly guests have done in hotels over the years. What a ridiculous overreaction on the part of Hilton. If they want examples of BAN-WORTHY behavior, they should check out the egregious antics below.

  • Perhaps Motley Crue's Vince Neil lived up to the wild rock star rep. The Palms hotel said it asked him to leave for "undisclosed behavior" and he was not welcome to return.
  • Hilton namesake Paris Hilton once got banned from the Wynn after she was arrested there for cocaine possession. They reinstated her guest privileges a year later.
  • John Travolta lost his spa privileges at NYC's Peninsula Hotel after being accused of inappropriate behavior during a massage. The ban was reportedly lifted after three years.
  • The Chateau Marmont banned Britney Spears after she supposedly smeared dinner on her face, a move that got complaints from other guests. She was also reportedly banned from the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Beverly Hills Four Seasons.
  • Charlie Sheen trashed a posh suite at the Plaza in New York City. He smashed mirrors, TV, furniture, raking up $20,000 in damages. Not surprisingly, he was banned for life.

Do you think the hotel overreacted?


Image via Michael Hilton/Flickr

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