Adorable Coffee Mug Gifts You Can Make With Markers (VIDEO)

If there's one thing I'm enjoying this winter, it's a cup of coffee to warm up with every day. It's not uncommon to find me cuddled up with a mug in the morning, which is why I was thrilled when I saw how easy it is to design my own mug using Sharpies! There are thousands of pins on Pinterest linking to tutorials with pictures of personalized mugs and from the moment I saw one, I knew I had to try it.

I picked up mugs at the dollar store for myself and each of my kids and because I didn't trust the Sharpie mug tutorials completely, I picked up porcelain markers as well as regular Sharpies.

This turned out to be the perfect winter break craft for my kids. They used their personalized mugs for hot chocolate all week long!

Watch us put the this Shaprie mug craft to the test and find out if it was a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail!

For more Pinterest-inspired projects from me, and don't forget to follow along on Pinterest for more great crafty inspiration!

What would you do with these mugs?


Image by Kat Bouska

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Vanessa Fasanella

I think this only works if your mug has the right gloss on it or something. My kids did it for us for Valentine's Day last year, and they didn't even last through two washings. The marker drawings came right off, and my younger daughter was devestated. Just be forewarned, even if you use brand-name Sharpies and follow the directions perfectly, it might not last. I think it's the mug.

lalab... lalaboosh

It definitely is the mug. I used an old diner style mug and it looked like it was perfect after baking and a run through the washer, but the first time a sponge touched it the sharpie came right off. I read that Walmart has mugs that work, but I forgot the brand and I don't shop at Walmart. :/

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