Military Family Forced to Remove ‘Welcome Home’ Sign for Returning Dad (VIDEO)

welcome home signIf you've ever wanted proof that there are humans among us who have no souls, here you go. A homeowners' association ordered a family to remove the welcome home sign for a father returning from military service. No sign for a dad who had been away from his family for -- get this -- four freakin' years. And the worst part is, it's not even clear that the family's sign was actually against the homeowners' association rules.


Petty Officer Third Class Anthony Marsiglia is finally returning to his family after serving in the U.S. Navy on an aircraft carrier. His family is beyond excited, especially his 8-year-old daughter, Alex. So they made him a sign reading, "Welcome home Daddy. We love you. Mom Pop and Alex." Seems innocent enough, right? It even conforms to the homeowners' association rules that signs should be under 24 by 36 inches.

But they got a threatening letter from the association, saying the sign broke the rules -- they didn't say which rules, just "the" rules. When Marsiglia's mother, Judy Pellegran, pointed out that the sign wasn't too large, the association's lawyer told her, "The remaining problems are the failure of preapproval and the permanent display. The Board has met and advises that it does not allow permanent signs."

Board dudes, he's a military service member who hasn't seen his young daughter in four years! You're seriously prioritizing aesthetics over love? What is the matter with you? Did you sacrifice your hearts to Satan in order to become board members? Is that the price you have to pay? Was it worth it, handing your souls over to Beelzebub just so you could boss other homeowners around? The hell?!?

Anyway, it looks like other lawyers are stepping in and volunteering to represent the family. Hopefully, in the end, the family will be allowed to give Marsiglia the welcome he deserves.

Why do you think the homeowners' association has a problem with the welcome-back sign?


Image via KATC3

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