Facebook Is Killing a Feature Nobody Even Knew Existed

I guess Facebook hasn’t quite taken over the world yet. I mean, we still use Gmail and Yahoo and whatever other email servers are out there. Hey, some people even still use Hotmail or AOL. I’m not here to judge.

Now Facebook is officially giving up on trying to take over your inbox by nixing its email service. Wait, what? Facebook has an email service? Apparently the social media giant does, but come March, it will be no more, as they roll out another wave of changes to the site.


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Way back in 2010, Facebook rolled out its own email, but predictably, no one switched over from the servers they were already using. So then in 2012, with Facebook being Facebook and all, they just made everybody’s default email in their settings their Facebook email account.

But still nobody used it. Where does one even go to check one’s Facebook email?

OK, I just took a brief timeout from writing this to try to send myself some Facebook email. Maybe I’m impatient, but I’m thinking that something should’ve shown up sometime in ten minutes it’s been since I hit send? No notification on my profile page, nothing to the email address I use to log-in … obviously I’m not going to miss Facebook’s email service at all.

So now they’re conceding. In a statement to Huffington Post, a rep said, "We're making this change because most people haven't been using their Facebook email address."


Did you ever use Facebook email?

Image via Giovanni Saccone/Flickr

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