Cats Get Hooked On Kitty Litter Thanks to Company's Brilliant Stunt (VIDEO)

bulk cat litter warehouse adFull disclosure time! I am not a cat person. Mostly because I am allergic to them, and any time I go near them, I become a sniffy, puffy, sneezy, red-eyed, swollen, disgusting mess, which is as attractive as it sounds. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a really cute cat video. And Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse has come out with a seriously adorable, rather ingenious ad to get cat owners to pay attention to their flyers.

Just print those direct mail flyers on catnip paper, obviously!

And the results are fantastic. Cats couldn't get enough of the ads, which forced their owners to take a look at the flyers. Brilliant, right? Slow clap, all around.


Check it out:

Come on, it's such a great idea! I mean, if you were to spray a flyer meant for dogs with some steak-scented goodness, my dog definitely would have been all over that, though probably would have devoured it to the point where it'd be unreadable. Hell, I probably would have been all over that ad too. (Weird? Yes.)

So kudos to this ad company for showing just how smart and clever they are and using some cute cats to do it. A couple minutes of rather intelligent goodness and awwwww to make your day that much happier. And who could argue with that?

Did you think this advertising method was ingenious?


Image via Rethink Communications/YouTube

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