8 Things in the House You Have to Throw Out Right Now (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Feb 20, 2014 Home & Garden

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When it comes to the contents of your drawers, closets, storage spaces, and everything in between -- do you tend to be a bit of a pack rat sometimes? Yeah ... me too. We're all guilty of hanging onto things we "just can't bear to part with" for whatever reason -- even though some of them are so ridiculous, it's impossible to understand why we bother keeping them.

Take a day this month to stay inside and declutter, reorganize, and toss stuff to the curb. Check out these photos to see eight things in your home you should seriously consider getting rid of once and for all.

What are some things you need to toss (or donate) for good?

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Editor's Note: You can always donate any of these and other items to charity as an alternative to throwing them away if they're still in good condition.

  • Throw it Out!


    Image via SHOSEI/Corbis

  • Old Beauty Products


    Image via Travis Hornung/Flickr

    What on earth are you clinging to? You're never going to use the last ounce or so of those 20 bottles of shampoo you've been saving for a good 3 years. Let them go. NOW.

  • Papers From School


    Image via katerha/Flickr

    Ok, so I know there are a few sentimental things from each grade you want to hang onto. But what are you going to do with hundreds of your child's math and spelling worksheets -- for the rest of your life?!? It's time to thin those suckers out.

  • Takeout Menus


    Image via Michael_Lehet/Flickr

    Yes, these are handy. But do you really need 10 menus from the same place -- making a grand total of at least 100 menus in your kitchen drawer? I don't think so.

  • Buttons


    Image via Breibeest/Flickr

    Be honest. Have you ever used a button from one of those little packets that come with new clothes? Probably not. But I'm sure they're doing a great job cluttering up your lingerie drawer.

  • Old, Raggedy Towels


    Image via erix!/Flickr

    You know the towels that have been in your closet so long that you refuse to even use them on the dog? It was time to throw them out yesterday.

  • Worn Out Sheets


    Image via EvelynGiggles/Flickr

    If you can see through your sheets because they're so "broken in," if they have bleach stains on them -- or any stains for that matter ... go ahead and spring for new ones. You won't regret it.

  • College T-Shirts


    Image via Ryan Leighty/Flickr

    If you're over the age of, say ... 35, and you're still wearing your old Kappa Kappa Gamma t-shirts from college? A) You need a shopping trip, and B) you need to get over your mid-life crisis already. (And don't save 'em to use as rags. Nobody does that anymore.)

  • Hangers


    Image via Misha Dontsov/Flickr

    OMG. Those wire hangers that come home from the dry cleaner are NOT supposed to stay in your closet. They're a safety hazard, people! Get in the habit of throwing them out immediately after you pick up your clothes.

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