8 Things in the House You Have to Throw Out Right Now (PHOTOS)

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When it comes to the contents of your drawers, closets, storage spaces, and everything in between -- do you tend to be a bit of a pack rat sometimes? Yeah ... me too. We're all guilty of hanging onto things we "just can't bear to part with" for whatever reason -- even though some of them are so ridiculous, it's impossible to understand why we bother keeping them.


Take a day this month to stay inside and declutter, reorganize, and toss stuff to the curb. Check out these photos to see eight things in your home you should seriously consider getting rid of once and for all.

What are some things you need to toss (or donate) for good?

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Image via erix!/Flickr

Editor's Note: You can always donate any of these and other items to charity as an alternative to throwing them away if they're still in good condition.

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