8 Mom Moments That Should Never Be Texted

I love texting. I text way more often than I talk on the phone. In fact, my outgoing voicemail message currently says something along the lines of, “I’m probably never going to listen to this, so please hang up and text the number you just dialed.” For reals, yo.

That being said -- there are just some things that shouldn’t be conveyed over text message. Especially some mom moments. Whether it’s because the news is too big to be conveyed over text, or just plain gross, there are some things about motherhood that should be told in person or at least over the phone. Or not at all.


Here are 8 things that moms shouldn’t text.

  1. I’m pregnant: Anyone that’s not close enough to you to hear your voice make this announcement can read about it on Facebook.
  2. Birth announcements: Same rule as before. Spend a little time enjoying your newborn and the string of visitors in front of you to meet the little one. Or, keep the news to yourself for a bit if you don’t want that string of visitors to show up.
  3. Anything at 2 A.M.: We know you’re tired and frustrated from lack of sleep. But other people are going to be better friends if you let them get their shuteye.
  4. Breastfeeding horror stories: No one knows how to respond to this. Moms that have BTDT know your nips are cracked and sore, and the uninitiated don’t need to know.
  5. Potty training -- mission complete: Of course you want to take a picture of that turd and frame it and put it on the wall. Please don’t. And don’t ever text a pic of poop to anyone. In fact, don’t even take it.
  6. After the pediatrician: Most people probably don’t care that your kid has the flu. Your husband should get a quick phone call, and your mom is going to pepper you with too many questions about the health of her grandchild to answer over text. Just pick up the phone.
  7. Anything embarrassing about your kid: Especially if your kids are older. Screenshots are forever, and there’s no guarantee your friend’s kid won’t grab his mom’s phone and then tease your kid.
  8. Anything embarrassing to your kid: Another one for the older kiddos, and this one is really about you. Do you want to end up on Parents Shouldn’t Text?

Have you ever texted something innapropriate about motherhood?


Image via Stephanie Macken/Flickr

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