Facebook Adds Genders Beyond 'Male' & 'Female': 6 Labels They Forgot (PHOTOS)​

Have you heard? Facebook users who don't identify as being "male" or "female" now have many, many other options to choose from. The change, which was spearheaded by a FB engineer who is undergoing gender transformation from male to female, is actually pretty cool if you think about it. For anyone struggling to identify with a particular gender, there are options out there. You can even select gender-neutral pronouns and wish "them" a happy birthday instead of wishing "her" a happy birthday.

But why stop there? There are numerous ways Facebook probably hasn't even considered that would prevent users from feeling "stuck" with a label in which they don't identify.


When it comes to gender, it makes sense that some identify as "Transexual Males" or "Pangender," but there are times when some of us may feel like members of a different race or even species. And let's not get started on age -- or, worse of all, the dreaded relationship status. So many possibilities, so little time. Here are 6 suggestions.


Image via Thomas Rousing/Flickr

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