8 Clever Ways to Keep Your Kids' Toys From Taking Over Your House

Adriana Velez | Feb 14, 2014 Home & Garden
8 Clever Ways to Keep Your Kids' Toys From Taking Over Your House

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So, you want to be a parent. And you want your home to look reasonably civilized. Are you nucking futz?!? I'm joking. Of course you can do both -- sort of. But you're going to have to corral what I call Toy Creep. That's when you start out saying the toys belong in your kids' rooms and/or playroom, period. But since you all spend time together in shared spaces like the family room, little by little, those toys find their way out. And they collect. Next thing you know, you're on a deep sea search through the blocks trying to find your TV remote.

So let's talk about how you're going to give up and accept the fact that toys happen in the den -- and how you're going to corral those toys so you don't feel like the toys are totally taking over your life. Which they are. But your home doesn't have to look like it. 

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  • Low Cabinet Hides Everything


    A low-lying cabinet makes it easy for you or your kids to put the toys away when they're not in use. I like this IKEA locker because it says "Fun Stuff Here!" but isn't obviously toy storage. And the door closes, so you don't actually see the toys. Unless you habitually keep the door open, which I also see happening.

  • Storage Bins Make Chucking Easy


    This makes clean-up time super easy -- just chuck everything into a bin. You can find containers in just about every color and material, so it will still harmonize with your living room.

  • Cart the Toys Away


    If you keep the toys in a little wagon or cart, you can easily roll them on out of the room whenever you want. And then your toddler can roll them back in again.

  • Hanging Wall Baskets Look Pretty


    If these hanging wall baskets work for bathroom storage, why not kids' books and toys? 

  • Hide Everything in the Ottoman


    I love double-duty furniture -- and I love this aqua blue ottoman with hidden storage compartment.

  • Magazine End Table Because They've Torn Up Your Magazines Anyway


    A lot of those magazine holder tables are deep and wide enough to hold toys instead of magazines. You probably don't have much time for reading anyway.

  • Sit on It With a Storage Bench


    The open shelving means the toys will still be visible, but at least they're contained. Plus, you've got another seating option. You can usually find baskets to fit on those storage areas.

  • Hide the Toys, Hide the Kids


    We've seen the play teepee before -- well, here's the exciting thing about these tents. You can shovel all the toys inside of them! And you can also hide children inside of them so they're out of your sight as well! Haha, only joking. I like this super-simple, plain tent, for a neutral decor element.

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