8 Clever Ways to Keep Your Kids' Toys From Taking Over Your House

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So, you want to be a parent. And you want your home to look reasonably civilized. Are you nucking futz?!? I'm joking. Of course you can do both -- sort of. But you're going to have to corral what I call Toy Creep. That's when you start out saying the toys belong in your kids' rooms and/or playroom, period. But since you all spend time together in shared spaces like the family room, little by little, those toys find their way out. And they collect. Next thing you know, you're on a deep sea search through the blocks trying to find your TV remote.

So let's talk about how you're going to give up and accept the fact that toys happen in the den -- and how you're going to corral those toys so you don't feel like the toys are totally taking over your life. Which they are. But your home doesn't have to look like it. 

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