Dog Protects Baby From His Own Pet Hair Dryer in Adorable Clip That's Gone Viral (VIDEO)

The bonding that can occur between dog and baby is undeniable, and it isn't unheard of for the family pooch to try and protect the tiniest and most helpless members of their family from absolute evil. In this case, Satan has arrived in the form of a loud vacuum cleaner-looking apparatus that actually serves as a pet hair dryer. Despite this poodle's miniature size -- he is not much bigger than the baby, who appears to be a few months old -- the dog is guarding his little sister with his life. Prepare to die from too much cuteness at once.


If you've ever run a loud vacuum or hairdryer anywhere near your baby or pet, you will recognize the look of terror on both of these cuties' faces -- okay, maybe the baby looks more perplexed than frightened. I avoided doing either in my daughter's presence until she was about a year old and had become more curious about the world and loud sounds. Before that, she would just scream her head off when I brought either of these out.

Love the idea that this doggie has taken on mommy responsibilities and that his instinct is to drape his little body over the baby. I wonder if he's even aware of his unintimidating size, or if the desire to keep baby far away from the dryer is the only thing on his mind.

Check out this priceless video and let us know what you think:

Do you have a dog that "protects" your child from objects in the house?


Image via YouTube

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