What Life in the Pottery Barn Catalog Really Looks Like (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Feb 13, 2014 Home & Garden
What Life in the Pottery Barn Catalog Really Looks Like (PHOTOS)

Pottery Barn living room

Sigh. Have you ever flipped through the pages of the Pottery Barn catalog and thought to yourself, "Wow. That's simply gorgeous. I wish my house looked like that. I think I'll throw out all my furniture and decor items and start all over again ..." or something to that effect?!?

You're not alone. We all have. Because life inside the Pottery Barn catalog is not only beautiful -- it's perfect.

Who wouldn't want to live there?

It's like a magical land where dreams really do come true. You know, like living in a fairy tale.

On that note, check out the photos below to see how the rooms of the Pottery Barn catalog would be described if they were depicting real life.

Be honest -- does your house look like this?


Images via Pottery Barn

  • Lazy Parent's Dream Bedroom


    Who doesn't love breakfast in bed? After a restful slumber, enjoy a warm, buttery croissant while tucked under your cozy duvet. Watch the birds outside. Soak in the morning sunlight. But leave the coffee on the nightstand. It would be such a shame to ruin that gorgeous headboard or those crisp, white sheets.

  • A Playroom All Kids Deserve


    Children don't just need a space to play with their toys -- they need a room that will inspire them to paint. And dream. And teach each other how to make all sorts of fun and creative crafts. (Note: Aprons sold separately. Please exercise extreme caution while letting children climb up the ladder or play in the loft space.)

  • His & Hers Master Bath in Every Way


    Two sinks. Two plush bathrobes. A tub straight out of a romance novel. And strategically placed bath mats that will not slip, slide, or stick. Bring excitement and intimacy back to your morning routine as you brush your teeth side by side in this pristine sanctuary.

  • Nursery Fit for a Princess


    Your baby's nursery isn't just the place she sleeps when company is in town and you don't want them realizing you're co-sleeping. It's a room you can retreat to when she's all quiet and snuggly and the two of you need to enjoy bonding time. (Note: White rocking chair should not be used within two hours of baby's last meal.)

  • A Family Room to LIVE In


    Family time is for family ... not television. Gather around the coffee table. Enjoy a healthy snack while Dad sings a few folk songs and entertains everyone with his guitar. And regale each other by sharing fun memories and tales from last summer's trip to the lake.

  • A Little Boy's Haven


    Your son doesn't need a single twin bed pushed up against a wall. He needs a "boy cave." Changing the sheets on this cabin bed may not be easy, but the element of wonder it brings to his life is more than worth it. (And it will teach his greedy little sister a thing or two about personal space.)

  • Dining Room Where Wedding China Is Finally Used


    Those lavish gifts you received at your wedding? They were meant to be put on display, which is the sole purpose of this lovely dining room. Relax. Stay a while. Enjoy four course meals at least three nights a week. (Warning: Cover chairs with plastic cushions if you allow the children to dine with you.)

  • A Chef's Kitchen -- That's Livable


    Since you're enjoying an exquisite meal in the dining room, stash the kids in the kitchen at this nifty breakfast bar. They'll get a kick out of sitting high up, and you can enjoy some peace and quiet. (Until one of them falls. Better not have any children under say ... 6 years old sitting there.)

  • Secret Corner of the House


    So you don't have a proper library or den -- so what? Your home office doubles as a place to enjoy an evening brandy while gazing up at the night sky through your telescope to admire stars, planets, and the like. Perhaps even indulge in a cigar if the mood should strike you. (Please drink and smoke responsibly. And the telescope should be pointed at the sky, not into your single, gorgeous neighbor's bedroom window. Just a suggestion.)

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