Gmail Disappoints Again by Telling People When You've Read Their Messages

Welcome to the worst thing on the Internet today. Thanks to a new app called Streak, people will now be able to see when you’ve read their Gmail messages. Is there no privacy at all anymore?

It’s a Google Chrome extension (that works with Safari too, apparently) that’s easy to install, and the recipients don’t have to have it too in order for their email reading habits to be tracked. In fact, they’ll get no notification at all that they’ve sent a secret read receipt to the sender!


In one sense, it might be kind of nice to be able to call people out when you need a response to something that they’ve ignored because it supposedly went into their spam filter. On the other hand, haven’t we all been that person?

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Not only will the sender be able to see that their email has been opened, but how many times it’s been opened, and when, and even where. Like I said -- nothing is private anymore.

It works like an NSA super spy by attaching an invisible image to outgoing emails. If the recipient opens the email, the image loads, and a notification is sent back to the sender that it’s been read. Creepy!

I don’t want people knowing when I’ve read their emails. For one thing, I often get pulled away before I get a chance to respond. Sometimes I just need time to think before responding. The last thing I need is someone feeling slighted that his or her message isn’t at the top of my priority list. Life’s too short for that.

And oh hells no does a crush need to know that I’ve opened and read his short email 47 times this week. Geez, what’s next, a tracker to catch us stalking people’s Facebook pages? Some things should just remain private, mmmkay?

Do you care if people know when you opened their emails?

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