4 Ways to Save Up for a Great Vacation

kids playing on the beachThe following is a post from our sponsor, SavingStar.

I live in the Northeast, where it feels like it’s been winter for about a year.  Constant snowfall and freezing temperatures have me fantasizing about lounging on a beach a lot recently. But vacations are expensive! Here is how I am saving my pennies so the kids and I can go someplace warm:

  1. Find ways to cut back on heating bills. When it’s freezing, my impulse is to crank up the heat. But a big chunk of my budget goes to fuel bills. So I make sure to set my thermostat to lower the temperature while we’re away and during the nighttime, when fluffy blankets provide a lot of the warmth we need. 
  2. Plan ahead to avoid “convenience” purchases. When it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry, I will spend whatever it takes and I’m much more susceptible to last-minute “treats” by the register. When I pack my lunch for work, not only do I eat healthier, I also avoid that “what the heck” soda and candy bar purchase, saving both my waistline and my wallet.
  3. Get kids involved. My kids are old enough (7 and 8) to get involved in the fun of planning a vacation. They can also understand simple conversations about priorities -- one less visit to the movies or pizza night a month gets us closer to our goal of having a nice vacation in the sun. So when fielding requests for new video games or the latest doll, don’t be afraid to remind them that you’re putting off (some) small purchases for a bigger reward later on.
  4. Get the most bang for your buck on recurring purchases like groceries. For this I just love Saving Star. With coupons and features like the “cashback mall,” I usually find a way to pay less for the items we buy all the time. Small savings really add up over time!

By taking these small steps to cut costs, I have been able to save a lot. In no time, it will be time to find a nice little hotel on the beach to shake off these winter blues!

What splurge are you saving up for this year?

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