'Demon Home' Where Kids Were Possessed Will Be the Star of Its Own Movie

Hey, all, remember that crazy demon house in Gary, Indiana? How mom of three Latoya Ammons claimed that her three kids were possessed because of a portal to hell in their home and how child workers and cops and psychiatrists all witnessed so many bizarre demonesque shenanigans that the house became famous? So famous that Zak Bagans, the host of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, bought the house for $35,000 so he could film in it? Well, now we know at least some of what he's gonna film!


Bagans, the home's new owner, had reportedly inked a deal with the Reverend Michael Maginot, the priest who ended up driving the devils from the children and -- possibly -- the home.

Maginot determined that the source of the demons was the children's mother, Latoya, so he ended up giving her no less than three exorcisms. Eventually, the children stopped growling and rolling their eyes and walking up walls and levitating and stuff. The family eventually moved from the house.

Bagans plans on filming in the house -- which hopefully has a few devils left or it's gonna be pretty boring -- and reportedly will make a documentary with Rev. Maginot. Maginot says that there's no need to exaggerate what happened in the home and that producers "don't have to go crazy with it." He's also signed a deal with a Hollywood production company for a possible movie.

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As part of his agreement, Maginot has to return to the house. Wonder how he feels about that? As for Bagans, he plans to live in the house and document the experience.

It definitely sounds like a very bizarre house but you gotta wonder if those hell creatures will stick around to be filmed. They might demand their own production deal, who knows. (For extra bargaining power, they should stick together like the cast of Friends did.)

Would you watch a movie or documentary about the home?

Image via Hammond Police Department

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