15 Inspiring Designs for Unbelievable Kid Spaces

Mary Hawkins | Apr 11, 2018 Home & Garden
15 Inspiring Designs for Unbelievable Kid Spaces

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A child's imagination is truly a wondrous thing. In their minds, they slip into alternate realities that feature incredible landscapes ranging from magic-filled woodlands to swashbuckling seas. But what if we parents could make their wildest dreams come true

There are quite a few amazing ideas out there for over-the-top, jaw-dropping kids rooms that can totally make fantasy a reality. And with Pinterest and Etsy just a few dangerous clicks away, getting that magical space for a little one might not be as impossible as one thought.

Utilizing the Internet, parents everywhere are turning spaces all over their house into magical oases for their little ones. Bedrooms somehow become vibrant and exciting racing speedways. Backyards are transformed into quaint cafes with al fresco seating. Playrooms are suddenly an adventurous campsite.

With the right furniture and decor, we can give our homes a magical mini-makeover that will seriously blow our babies' minds. And the coolest part? In doing so we get to simultaneously tap into our own imaginations and our inner Chip and Joanna Gaines

Check out these photos to see some kid home design ideas that are simply beyond awesome.

  • Kids' Sleepaway Camp Room


    Who needs the great outdoors when the indoors are so great? We love this woodsy hideout bunk-bed set up. 

  • Racing Room Ideas


    This one zoomed right into our hearts! We love how creative and bright this bedroom is, and we bet the little kid who "owns" it loves it too!

  • Playhouse Cutie Kitchen


    We're pretty sure this play house is cuter than most young millenials' first apartments. Just take a look at the chic accents! 

  • Backyard Cafe


    Order up! Transforming a simple playhouse into an outdoor restaurant is SUCH a cute idea. Kids will pretend to serve up amazing meals with minimal changes to the house!

  • Mountain Playroom Idea


    With some art-deco wall paper and subtle details, this playroom perfectly captures the whimsey of the great outdoors and makes practical use of the space. 

  • Airport Bedroom


    Ready for the kid's imagination to really take off? Check out this amazing airport-inspired bedroom idea. TBH this looks like a lot better of a place to spend a layover. 

  • Vintage-Inspired Playroom


    Image via eren {sea + prairie}/Flickr

    Sigh. Isn't this little section of the house next to the stairs reminiscent of a bygone era? It's so quaint and simple, but it fits there perfectly. And the chalkboard wall really finishes off the space.

  • Bedroom or Jungle Gym?


    Image via Phil Manker/Flickr

    This modern bedroom gives kids a place they can sleep, play, climb, and everything in between.

  • Cinderella's Castle


    Image via Sarah Embaby/Flickr

    Um, this princess-themed bed is so amazing, it makes me want to be a little girl again. And I want to sit in it while watching Cinderella on my iPad.

  • Upscale Bunk Beds


    Image via Wicker Furniture/Flickr

    Ahh, yes. The built-in bunk bed. It's the perfect, cozy little sleeping spot for any kid. But these beautiful beds kick things up a notch for sure. I wanna sleep in one.

  • 'Mariner' Bunk Bed


    Image via revolvefurnishings

    Need to make the most out of a smaller room? This bunk bed and desk combo gives kids a place to do homework and sleep.

  • Princess Loft Bed


    Image via wayfair.com

    How adorable is this sweet princess loft bed? The slide is such a nice touch, isn't it?

  • Swing Table


    Image via Duffy London

    One thing's for sure -- getting the kids to willingly sit down for dinner if this swing set dining table is in the home.

  • Kids' Beach Bungalow Hideaway Room


    CLEARLY this kid is living the life. She's got her own relaxing private beach view, and TBH we're ready to kick her out. 

  • Kiddie Kitchen Idea


    Move over, Ikea -- this playset is coming for ya! We'd like to warm up some fake soup on this sweet little stove set.

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