Facebook's Awesome Reason for Turning Your Friends' Profile Pics Purple

If you’ve noticed your friends on Facebook turning purple, don’t worry -- you’re not going crazy or colorblind. It’s because they’re doing it for a good cause. Chevrolet is donating one dollar to the American Cancer Society for every Facebook or Twitter profile pic to be purplized.

Chevy is apparently big on the cancer fighting recently. During last Sunday’s Super Bowl, the car company ran a very touching ad in support of World Cancer Day, which was Tuesday.


Social media isn’t just an awesome place to raise awareness, but as cases like this show, it’s a real asset in raising funds too. Chevy has promised to donate up to a million dollars for this campaign, so if you haven’t done it yet, go get purple and announce to the Internet that you too want to fight cancer.

Have you purpled your profile?

Image via Jenny Erikson

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