Apple Has a Mysterious, Magical New 'Baby' but We're Not Sure It's Real

If you've been watching the news lately, you'll have heard rumors of the the fabled Apple iWatch. It can do it all! It has a curved screen! It can sense your blood pressure! It's powered by the sun! It will make phone calls! It will change your life!

What is the Apple iWatch and why should you care about products like it? Well, wearables like the iWatch are pretty amazing. They can already sense your heartbeat, your blood oxygen level, and your temperature. They can tell you how you're sleeping and where you've been. They can gauge how fast you're running and how great you are at weightlifting.

But what does it mean when we hear that Apple is trying to break into the wearables market? And what do we really know about the iWatch?


The answer is, not much. Apple has registered the iWatch trademark and we are fairly certain that the company does have an internal prototype. Almost every manufacturer has been working on a watch for the past decade. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Gear, which works primarily with Samsung phones.

One of the best wearables out there, the Pebble, is a small, black-and-white device that lets you see your phone messages on your wrist. It's extremely useful if you get a lot of emails, phone calls, or other notifications, and it's a great device for folks who might not want to break out their phone every five minutes.


Another of these products, the Fitbit Force, senses your daily footsteps, while the Basis Band tracks your motion and your heart rate. In other words, there are a host of wearables already out there that do pretty incredible things. 

Now Apple just has to do something even more incredible. No pressure, right?

Is the iWatch real? I'm sure that Apple has been hard at work on something that does all those things and more. However, given the problems with battery life, screen real estate, and design that most other manufacturers have faced, I'm sure Apple is in the same boat. A wearable needs to have great battery life, a readable screen, and useful features. No one has been able to quite crack that trifecta.

So take every mention of the iWatch with a grain of salt. While we can say, unequivocally, that it exists, we can't say when it will launch or what it will look like. We'll all just have to wait.

Do you think we'll see the Apple iWatch soon or do you think it's all make-believe? Would you use a 'wearable' device like that? 

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