'Demon Home' With Possessed Kids Sold to Guy Who Knows What to Do With It

Hey, remember that demon house in Indiana where the three kids were possessed and all the crazy crap that happened? Remember how one kid supposedly levitated and another one supposedly glided all the way up a wall and did a back flip? And how psychiatrists, doctors, child services workers and police all witnessed so many weird events that they became believers? But how still the kids were taken away from the mom but then she got them back and then they finally moved out of the house and lived happily ever after? Wasn't that fun? Well, the star of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures decided he wanted to keep the good times rolling, so he bought the demon house for $35,000 and wants to film in it!


Zak Bagans, the host and producer of Ghost Adventures, read about the demons plaguing the little white house in Gary, Indiana and thought it would be a fine time to go house hunting. So he offered the landlord $35,000 and was accepted on the spot. Landlord couldn't wait to be rid of the thing, apparently.

Bagans hopes to capture the voices, the weird ghostly figures and the goo in the basement with his videocam. Imagine if he does, that will be an awesome investment for him! If, however, nothing happens ... well, hopefully it's a tax write-off.

The family has since gotten famous from their story. Mom Latoya Ammons and the reverend who banished the demons by performing three exorcisms on her will be doing a series of TV interviews. The police captain who was also witness to some of the demons' shenanigans says he expects the story will be made into a movie.

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If that does happen, Bagans will own a national curiosity that he might even be able to charge people to get into. Those might be some angry-ass demons but something tells me even they will flee at the sight of loud videocam-toting tourists in wearing "Possessed in Gary" T-shirts.

Would you visit the house?


Image via Hammond County Police

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