The Truth Behind These 'Perfect' Pics Parents Shared on Instagram (PHOTOS)

Ah, Instagram, the auto-tune of the photography world. Seriously, just snap a pic, apply a filter, and instantly you're living a charmed life. Or something like that.

The reality is that we all like to put our best foot forward when it comes to social media, and Instagram is no exception. Blogger Drew Hoolhorst recently pontificated on this and published a series of his own Instagram snapshots, along with the message he was trying to convey and the crappy reality behind it.

So we decided to do our own version, with real parents. Because you know that no matter what moment in time you captured, there was more to the story than your picture let on.

Do you have a story behind a "perfect" photo?

  • Birthday Cake


    Image via Adrina Velez

    "This birthday cake here tasted terrible. At the last minute I realized all I had was whole wheat flour. And then it was my idea to use strawberry jam as the filling instead of more frosting. It was kind of brick-like and not sweet enough. But I got away with it because it LOOKED right. Bwa hahaha!"

  • First Day of School


    Image via Jeanne Sager/Instagram

    "This was from the first day of school and, for all intents and purposes, appears to be a planned shot from behind of her waiting for the bus, but really she was shrieking, 'Moooooooom, don't take another picture of me!' as she turned around and refused to face me."

  • Morning Sickness


    Image via bethanyshondark/Instagram

    "Hadn't eaten in two days and could barely stand."

  • Foul Balls


    Image via justinhart/Instagram

    "This pic makes it seem like we caught three foul balls that night! Actually, the ball boy gave them to us."

  • Not So Perfect Lunch


    Image via bethanyshondark/Instagram

    "This was the first thing I ate that day while on vacation in Israel. It was 4 p.m. and I threw it up outside the restaurant in the parking lot."

  • The Finish Line


    Image via jwehrle/Instagram

    "My daughter had just finished her 'Girls on the Run' 5K race as stormclouds were giving way to a particularly fierce thunderstorm. We got absolutely soaked as she ran the last 100 yards or so. This pic was taken while we were inside waiting for the storm to pass."

  • Pumpkin Spa


    Image via Jenny Erikson/Instagram

    "They wanted to play 'spa' in the pumpkin guts ... and then got it everywhere. It took some serious scrubbing to get them and deck all cleaned up."

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