Moms Can Track Their Kids' Every Move With These Creepy 'Cookies'

Here’s a new gadget that’s supposed to improve our parenting, but just reeks of creepiness. It’s called Mother (see? It’s creepy already!), and you can program it to monitor almost anything and everything in your house, and send the data to your smartphone.

The funny-looking pod comes with several “Motion Cookies” that can be attached to everything from the front door to a toothbrush. They detect movement, temperature, and patterns, and then the system analyzes the results and sends them to you.


In other words, you could attach one to your kid’s toothbrush to see if they really brushed their teeth for a full two minutes. Or, you know, you could parent your kids.

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Seriously, I thought all this automation business was supposed to free us up to spend more time with our kids, and now we're automating parenting?

Ok, maybe I can see the one about windows or doors if you have rebellious teenagers, but I’m sure the first thing they’d do is figure out how to get around that system. Or they’d tell you that they’re spending the night at a friend’s house -- one without a robo-Mother.

The website for the Big Brother-esque claims, “she is like a mom, but only better.”

She doesn’t look very snuggly to me, and everyone knows that mamas are best for cuddles. Not sending information to your smartphone about how many times the fridge was opened that day and for how long.

Do you think Mother looks useful or creepy?

Image via Josh Kenzer/Flickr

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