8 Sneaky Ways to Fake-Clean Your Bathroom

Emily Abbate | Jan 27, 2014 Home & Garden
8 Sneaky Ways to Fake-Clean Your Bathroom

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When it comes to cleaning the house, I think it's safe to say that the most dreaded room to tackle with a sponge and bucket full of hot water is the bathroom. That icky grime underneath the toilet seat ... it's like it stares at the daredevil who attempts to attack it, mocking their every scrub. And the soap scum under the shower faucet? Ugh, I get chills just thinking about it.

Whether or not you find enjoyment in scrubbing the room your family does their dirty work in (let's be real, you don't) -- there are a few tricks to making it a bit less painful. Seriously. What if I were to tell you that you can have a clean bathroom in eight quick steps? Sure, maybe my definition of "clean" differs from yours. But if you're in a rush and simply want people to think you're a spic 'n' span fam -- well, aren't you in for a treat!

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Take a looksee at our "clean" bathroom checklist. Don't worry, your mother-in-law doesn't need to know.

Do you ever "fake" a clean room in your house?


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  • Replace the Toilet Paper


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    This is your number-one priority for the bathroom. Don't leave your guests stranded! Make sure there's a full roll of toilet paper actually on the holder, and not hidden someplace where people have to hunt for it.

  • Remove All Hair


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    Check your drains (sink and shower), the floor, shower walls, and any other obvious places for stray hairs. No one wants to see that.

  • Quick Mop


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    Give your floor a quick spiffing with a cloth-covered mop -- or, if you're out of cloths, wipe up with a bath towel that's heading to the laundry anyway.


  • Disinfecting Wipedown


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    Disinfect the places hands go -- faucet handles, the surrounding sink area, the toilet handle, doorknobs, and the light switch.


  • Shake Out Bath Mat


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    Shake out your bath mat or rug -- outdoors, not over the bathroom floor.

  • Hang a Clean Towel


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    Hang up at least one clean towel for guests to dry their hands. If you fold it neatly and hang it evenly it will make your bathroom look tidier.

  • Spray Air Freshener


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    Spritz some happy air freshener to make your bathroom smell clean ... or at least distractingly floral.


  • Light a Candle


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    Light a candle or two around the sink for a little extra fragrance and to help rid your bathroom of any new odors.


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