Woman Abandons Her Cat Because He's 'Gay'

People come up with all kinds of reasons to abandon their pets -- some legit, many not. Whether it's a new baby, a move, allergies, unaffordable vet bills, or allergies, people abandon their animals in massive numbers to shelters or the streets every year. As someone who has volunteered at an animal shelter for years, I have heard every excuse in the book. One woman even got new furniture and didn't want her cat ruining it! But this excuse takes the cake! A woman in Nigeria has disowned her cat -- because she thinks he's gay.


A Nigerian newspaper reports that the woman thinks her cat is "gay" because he has apparently taken to rainbow colored flea collars and meowing along to Kelly Clarkson songs. Kidding, y'all!

The kitty cat is apparently gay because he is showing some lovin' to the male kitties of the household -- but ignoring the female ones. Hey, maybe he just read one of those "player" books that tells guys to ignore women.

But the owner thinks the pussy cat likes the peen, so she wants him out of her house, reportedly saying, "Anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use of it."

It was a year ago that a pit bull pup was surrendered to a high-kill shelter in Tennessee after the owner declared that he saw him "hunched over" another male dog -- and therefore must be gay. Not, you know, just a dog.

In that case, many people came forward wanting to adopt a dog that otherwise would have probably perished -- and he was adopted into a good home and renamed "Elton." How fitting!

But since this kitty cat is in Nigeria, where being gay is basically banned, who knows what will happen to the poor thing. I hope this woman doesn't have any gay children. If she does, they are surely watching this poor "gay" cat's ostracism and taking note. Not that they'd be able to come out in Nigeria anyway.

I really hope this cat is able to make it out of the country to freedom!

Have you ever heard a stupid excuse for abandoning an animal?


Image via Moyan_Brenn/Flickr

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