10 Amazing Grown-Up Toys We Want in Our Homes (PHOTOS)

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  • The $9,000 Tent You Can't Live Without


    This is a tent by Anthropologie for "glamping." You know, glamor + camping. As you do.

  • The Indoor Slide That Really Ties the Whole Penthouse Together


    This slide connects the upper and lower floors of a Manhattan penthouse. Did I mention I'm buying this penthouse? Tomorrow. After I rob a bank.

  • The 'Hush Chair' That Lets You Re-Enter the Womb


    Please watch the Hush Chair video and tell me this chair doesn't totally remind you of a vagina. And yet, if I had about $4,000 to burn I would be writing this post inside one right now. I don't care how weird that is.

  • The Bubble Chair Swing That Lets You Live Like Austin Powers


    Shagalicious, yeah baby! The original Eero Aarnio bubble chair will run you thousands, but you can buy a knock-off for around $700, which ... is still way out of my budget.

  • The Reading Nook You Can Just Roll All Over Your Enormous Loft


    These mobile reading nooks were designed for an office space, but they would be excellent for any home. With 50-food ceilings. And perfectly flat cement floors that go on forever in a gigantic converted loft. 

  • The Antique Elevator You Can Use as a Mudroom Or...


    Whatever. I just need this.

  • The Lips Sofa That Literally Kisses Your Ass


    I know you want it -- but you're a good girl ...

  • Stone Pillows You Can't Live Without Now That You've Seen Them


    I absolutely, positively cannot live without these Livingstones. 

  • Living Walls That Would Cure the Winter Blahs


    Living walls -- I love this idea! Here's the thing: Will you also send someone to water the plants for me? Because that would be great thx.

  • Bathtub That Allows You to Bathe in Nature


    Now if you'll excuse me, I see it's time for my bath. In nature. With the deer and shit, because I'm a dryad. 

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