Amazing Guy Returns Down Payment to Woman Who Lost It

Brian DiCarlo found an envelope with $2000 cash and a $38,000 cashier's check in a mall parking lot. Brian, only 23, is at the age where most people would think, "I've been praying to the Lord to give me some money and here it is! Thank you, sweet Jesus!" So it's a bit surprising that Brian didn't run off with the cash and have the greatest kegger of all time -- he turned the money into police.

The police were able to track down the owner, Sharon Davis, and good thing too since the cash was for her new house. Which, you know, she wouldn't have right now if it wasn't for Brian DiCarlo! I hope he gets an invite to the house warming party.


Sharon was so grateful that her money was returned that she offered Brian a $300 reward -- but he turned it down! What is up with this guy? Is he made of money? Is he just, like, a freaking good guy? What?

Brian says that he just did what he hopes that someone would do if he were in the same position.

Ehhh, one of those freaky integrity types!

Seriously, all, this is amazing. There are good people in the world, thank goodness, because sometimes you forget about that.

I have a little bit in common with Brian. I have a tendency to find money too. Not as much as he found, but I often find money on the street, or in cabs, or in public places. I don't know if it's because I'm usually looking down or what. Normally it's a bill or two. Sometimes a fiver. Occasionally I get a $20. I once found a $100 in the airport.

And there was the time that I was on a subway platform and a man walked by me literally spilling money out of his pockets. Just streaming money. I opened my mouth and thought, "Do I say something? Do I grab the money? It's probably drug money, right?"

I yelled, "Sir! Look!"

He turned around, saw he was leaking money, and quickly ran and snatched it all up. (Don't think he even thanked me.)

But I still wonder if I should have said anything. After reading this story, I realize that if I ever find as much money as this guy, I've got to speak up. Because this could be someone's downpayment for a house! Brian, you've made me a better woman.

What would you have done?


Image via JollyUK/Flickr

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