6 Dark Corners of My Home I'm Afraid to Clean (PHOTOS)

under the dresserFor the most part I consider myself a clean and tidy person. I put things away. I wipe up spills. I clean the bathroom, er, well, almost every week. I change the sheets and do laundry regularly. There's a place for everything, and nearly everything is in its place. But still, there are some dark corners of my home that get neglected. Places I'm aware of but just never get around to cleaning. Or places so decrepit, I've lost the nerve to touch them at all.

I know there are people out there who assiduously clean every last nook and cranny of their homes. I salute you! You must have really interesting lives to spend all the time cleaning ... But for those of us doing the bare minimum, I give you: My slideshow of shame.


Cleaning & Organizing chores slideshow