Couple Sells 'Slightly Haunted' House & Gets Some Bizarre Reactions (PHOTOS)

Imagine you had the opportunity to own a 113-year-old Victorian house in a quiet neighborhood in northeastern Pennsylvania. It boasts 4 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 9-foot ceilings, a bay window, a stained glass window, and an actual study/library that features a secret door behind a moving bookcase that leads to a little private office space. Are you kidding? Sign this space-starved New Yorker up!

Oh, but wait, there's one catch: according to the house's owners, their home is "slightly haunted." No big deal really, as long as you don't mind hearing screams and strange knocking sounds in the middle of the night or catching the occasional "ghastly visage" lurking behind you in the bathroom mirror. Ready to put in an offer? 


The couple advertising their home probably thought mentioning how "haunted" it is might drum up interest. Their Zillow ad reads as cute and funny, and certainly wouldn't turn me off if I was in the market for a house in this style. But, instead of drawing in serious buyers, they say they've been attracting ghost hunters, people who are simply curious and want to snoop around, and even a former resident of the house who claims he found a skull in the basement when he was a child.

I'm not superstitious and have a hard time believing all of these stories, so I can honestly say none of this talk would put me off from buying this home. OH, and these photos certainly don't hurt, either. Let's have a look at this "haunted" house, shall we?

Oh, hello comfy living room, with your beautiful wooden staircase and stained glass window. If I lived in you, I'd dress up as a Downton Abbey character and dramatically descend down that staircase every evening before dinner.

This is the dining room. Where you can host Thanksgiving dinner AND play piano during dessert. Did I mention I live in a one-bedroom apartment? I'm weeping right now.

You really can't get away with painting your bathroom purple unless you have 2.5 bathrooms. Is that a purple tub I see? And candelabra on the walls? I would call this my "Edgar Allan Poe Powder Room" and ban my husband and kids from using it.

There's no reason to read your book in the living room when you can do it in your study/library, which also features a moving bookcase and secret hidden office space just because

So yeah, it would take a lot more than a few noises to keep me away from this dream home. 

Would you live in a house that might be haunted?


Images via Zillow

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