8 Weird Kitchen Gadgets You May Actually Laugh At (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Jan 15, 2014 Home & Garden

Weird Kitchen toolsThere's nothing in the world I love more than getting cute things for my kitchen. Call me uber lame, but whether it's a new apple slicer or cute hand towels -- adding something to my special little slice of culinary heaven makes me feel like a younger, sexier Martha Stewart. (No offense, Martha.)

But sometimes on my hunt for the ultimate kitchen gizmos, I find all sorts of weird stuff. Like, really weird stuff. As in, just looking at some of these wacky kitchen gadgets, you'd have absolutely no clue what purpose they serve or WHO thought them up.

Here, go ahead, take a look at 8 wacky kitchen gadgets that look like some sort of hilarious joke. You'll never believe what they actually do:

Which one of these kitchen gadgets would you most likely buy someone as a gag gift?


Image via Amazon, Hero Images/Corbis

  • 8 Weird-Looking Kitchen Gadgets You HAVE to See (PHOTOS)

  • Butter Curler


    What it's for: For those who want to get fancy with their butter usage, there's this fabulous butter curler ($7, amazon.com).

    Useful or ridiculous: I mean, honestly, do you NEED to be all cool with your butter in your own home? Restaurants, sure. Your kitchen cabinets? Yeah, probably not. 

  • Strawberry Stem Remover


    What it's for: Simply push the button to open the bottom claw, then twist and pull to remove the stem. Bonus: this strawberry stem remover ($7.99, kitchenandcompany.com) ALSO works on tomatoes! Cha-ching!

    Useful or ridiculous? In my eyes, a knife will work just fine to take those suckers off.

  • Pancake Batter Dispenser


    What it's for: The perfect sized pancakes, DUH. Who doesn't want the perfect stainless steel pancake pourer ($12.99, target.com)?

    Useful or ridiculous? Ridiculous. Come on. Use a ladle and move on with your life. Plus, can you imagine cleaning this contraption?

  • Avocado Slicer


    What it's for: This avocado slicer ($6, jcpenney.com) may look like a tennis racket, but it's for perfectly slicing those green gooey pieces of deliciousness.

    Useful or ridiculous? Useful, I'd say. I hate getting all sorts of messy when I slice my 'cados.

  • Cherry & Olive Pitter


    What it's for: This pitter keeps your favorite treats from splattering all over your face when you de-pit them. Oh, and as you can see -- this cherry & olive pitter ($13, williams-sonoma.com) is multipurpose!

    Useful or ridiculous? Useful. Do you know ANY other way to get the pits out without becoming a total mess? I don't.

  • Corn Peeler


    What it's for: This corn peeler ($9.95, williams-sonoma.com) gets the corn off the husk without your teeth having to do all the dirty work.

    Useful or ridiculous? Although a tad dangerous, I think that using a knife works just fine ... for adults. When it comes to kids old enough to cut their own corn and maybe even some teens, this could be a pretty solid $10 investment.

  • Pineapple Corer & Slicer


    What it's for: While this pineapple corer and slicer ($10.99, casa.com) may LOOK like it's for pleasuring yourself down below, it's not. (Unless using kitchen appliances for that shtick is your sort of thing.)

    Useful or ridiculous? Useful. I feel like I toss WAY too much of the pineapple for my own good when slicing it up myself.

  • Potato Ricer


    What it's for: This potato ricer ($24.99, kitchenandcompany.com) helps make light, fluffy mashed potatoes as well as any other fruit or vegetable you want to toss through there.

    Useful or ridiculous? Eh, the jury's still out on this one. I'm gonna go with unnecessary. I can just use a potato masher for this. I say that mostly because I don't know if I'm strong enough to operate the aforementioned wacky-looking device.