5 Reasons You’re Holding Onto Your ‘Bad’ Facebook Friends

You know how it is on Facebook -- you’re friends with too many people, yet you just can’t bring yourself to unfriend anyone. So you scroll through tons of updates on your newsfeed to search for the people whose statuses you really care about reading, and try not to rue the day you decided to add certain people to your friends list.

Why is that? And why, if we don’t like being friends with some people on Facebook, do we not just de-friend them? Like all social situations, it turns out that there’s not one simple answer, even if the medium is digital rather than in real life.


Here are five reasons you can’t make yourself unfriend someone on Facebook.

They’re Family: You can’t “un-family” someone, so how could you un-friend them? Besides, what are you going to say at Thanksgiving next year when great-aunt Dorothy asks why she can’t see the pics of your kids online anymore? Um, because you wouldn’t stop posting updates about how Texas should secede from the United States and Ron Paul should be its president?

Prevent a Frenemies War: Maybe you were really real friends once upon a time, but something happened and the tides of friendship shifted. Or maybe you finally saw their vindictive bone of discontent, and you know that unfriending them will only cause a hissy fit, which will prompt his or her minions to descend upon you. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Their Crazy Makes You Feel Normal: This one is likely also a frenemy. Maybe it’s someone you knew in high school or an old sorority sister. Regardless, their life is full of the drama, and every time you need a little dose of feeling normal, you click their feed.

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A Long Time Ago, You Used to Be Friends: You like that connection with your past, even though you totally don’t even know who that person is anymore. But hey, you sat next to each other on the bus in third grade, and that’s a bond that’s difficult to break.

It’s Just Not Polite: You hold doors open for strangers that are just a little too far away to make it normal. You don’t gossip (much). You would never dream of telling your best friend she’s making a huge mistake dating that guy who’s out on parole. In other words, you’re just too damn polite.

Do you have a hard time unfriending people on Facebook?


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