I'm in Desperate Need of a Divorce ... From My House

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Sigh. I guess it was bound to happen at some point in time, and apparently that time is now. All of the things that used to be shiny, fresh, pristine, and perfect in my "brand new" house are starting to go straight into the gutter.

And as odd as this sounds, I feel like my home and I are experiencing some sort of "seven-year itch" -- just like married couples do once the honeymoon period has worn off.

Maybe this is the norm, but I'm really starting to wonder if it's time to go ahead and get a "divorce" and find a new pad to love.

Again, we bought this place brand spankin' new. I know some time has passed, but I feel like it's way too soon for things to be falling apart.

The garbage disposal blew up. The finish is coming off the hardwood floor in the kitchen. There are cracks in the steps on the front stoop. The dishwasher is making all sorts of strange noises. And pretty much every single pocket door in this place (don't ever install pocket doors, by the way, because they're the devil) is off the hinge and may or may not be able to be put back on the hinge.

It's like everything that once seemed so pretty, flawless, and appealing about this place is becoming the bane of my existence ... which is how many people describe a crumbling marriage, right? You were once so attracted to your spouse, you wanted to spend every waking minute with him -- but now he bugs the shit out of you and there are days when you dream of packing up and taking off and never looking back. (Or something.)

Well, that's kind of how I feel about this house. On the one hand, I'm so comfortable in it and it does have its perks -- plus moving is a huge pain in the rear end. It seems so much easier to stay put most of the time.

But on the flip side of the coin, I keep thinking about starting all over again in a place that's fresh, new, and doesn't contain one single pocket door. I start getting all giddy with butterflies in my stomach thinking about that first night on the couch getting all cozy in front of the fire with something new and exciting ... wait, what?

Sigh. Maybe this is something that happens to everyone after living in one place for a few consecutive years. But if that's the case, I shudder to think what will probably go down after we've been here for 10.

Did your house start having problems after a certain period of time?


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nonmember avatar hardworking

Wow, really? I've been in the same house for 13 years now. The house before this one was built in the 1940's. Repair and updates are necessary for any house. Roll up your sleeves and repair the doors, fix the cracked steps and change out the garbage disposal. I've done all these things and MORE. Oh and by the way I'm a woman in her early 20s. I started doing home repair like spackeling or wood putty when I was 10.

nonmember avatar Mal

Is this a recycled artical? I swear I've read this before and seen this photo before.

ScottandRonda Davis

Most builders these days don't care and it sounds like yours is one of them. Cheap appliances and cheap lumber seem to be your problem. Upgrade the dishwasher and disposal to high quality appliances. As far as the pocket doors, talk to your builder and see if he is willing to fix them. It would be in his best interest to fix the doors for free or at a reduced cost.  

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

Definitely a recycled article. But I think she was complaining about building her brand new home in the previous one. Now she's complaining that it's falling apart. First world problems at its finest! 

nonmember avatar janey

You poor thing! It must be so hard to be you. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to live in your home. It sounds absolutely dilapidated.

adamat34 adamat34

Maybe you should be happy you have a home.....lots of families in shelters....asshole..stop complaining and be thankful for the noisy dishwasher

Knitt... KnittyTina

All homes need upkeep.  Surprisingly, even the ones that are new.  From what I've heard of these newer homes, they "settle" a lot and I've had friends with these homes show me the cracks in their walls, and they are horribly non-insulated. 

Besides, if you move, wouldn't you have to fix the doors, the cracks, and the disposal before putting it on the market?

Teri_25 Teri_25

REALLY?? My house needs its foundation repaired(we learned about it weeks after we bought it, the previous previous owners covered it up with paneling), all the windows need replacing, my sliding patio door has a date stamp inside the pane of glass of 1980 that needs replaced, the insulation is all but gone, and in order to keep the house warm during the winter, we duct tape thick plastic around the windows. WAH WAH WAH.

Punki... Punkindrublic

All of our windows (minus one that my husband replaced with plexiglass, before I met him) are original to the house, 1914. We've done a lot of remodeling in the last 5 years, but when we started, it was all original from 1914. The kitchen did have the counters redone in 1936, as I did find a lumber receipt between it and the wall.

Anyways, this want our plan.We were supposed to be it if this house a few years ago. Then I ended up disabled and in a wheel chair, and we are very fortunate are mortgage is 600 instead of over 2000 had we moved.

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