Puppy Blows Up Owners' Home & You Won't Believe How

Everyone knows puppies can get into a lot of trouble around the house. But who knew they could blow a house up? That's reportedly what 6-month-old saluki greyhound cross Zeus, who belonged to a couple in South Yorkshire, England, decided to do. The couple weren't home when Zeus began gnawing through a can of deodorant spray that he found lying around. As the gases from the can began leaking into the kitchen, the boiler came on. The gases quickly mixed with the heat from the flame ... and BOOM the neighborhood was rocked by an explosion.


The explosion blew out floorboards, started a fire, and smashed through windows. A panicked neighbor texted owners Kerry Leech and Matthew Heckler, who had just left the house ten minutes earlier, that their house had just exploded. Worried about their pets, including Zeus and two other dogs and three cats, the couple rushed home.

The pets were miraculously all okay, but the house was not. A fireplace was damaged, a couch burned, and a large window destroyed. The couple at first though it must have been a gas leak, but after much investigation, came to believe that puppy Zeus had chewed through a can of Lynx deodorant, a gift to Matthew from Kerry's parents. They found the can right near the center of the fire and the boiler.

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It's unclear why they've blamed Zeus and not the other dogs -- no doubt it wasn't the cats! -- but they must be familiar with his chewing ways. Puppies are notorious chewmeisters -- masticating through chocolate cake, La-Z-Boy recliners, walls, wood decks and pretty much anything else not nailed down -- and stuff nailed down too.

Most people don't get their homes blown up over it though. A good lesson for what to NOT leave around your puppy.

I can only imagine the puppy shame sign this couple will make Zeus wear.


Has your dog ever destroyed anything important to you?


Image via Jonkriz/Flickr

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