Strangers Can Now Email Your Gmail Account -- Here's How to Stop It

Don't you just love it when total strangers whom you have never given your email address email you? I know, it's so fun, right? Well, Google thinks it is. Because from now on, anyone who finds you through Google+, the social network provided by Google along with your Gmail account that Google hopes will overcome Facebook (never gonna happen), can email you -- and their ramblings will show up right in your Gmail inbox!


The new feature allows people who don't even know you, but find you through Google+, which can be found in any Google search, to email you and it goes directly into the box you normally use for private correspondence.

In fact, I think it already happened to me. The other day someone emailed my private Gmail account, someone I didn't know. Asking how he got that email address, he replied that he got it from a personal blog of mine. But I do not have that blog connected to my Gmail account. Mystery solved!

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Luckily, you can opt out of this. It would have been nice if you could have opted into it, rather than having to opt out something you probably didn't want anyway, but the entire social media world, combined with the NSA, seem determined to invade your private in every way possible. Hell, lots of people don't even seem to want privacy anyway. They seem scared of it. Maybe they don't know it exists -- or at least used to, about ten years ago. 'Memba those days?

So here's how you can stop this from happening if you have Gmail:

- Go to the wheel icon on the right hand corner of your inbox.

- Select settings.

- Scroll down until you see "Email via Google+".

- Use the menu bar to select "No one."

There you go. Problem solved. You're welcome.

Do you have Gmail? Are you worried?


Image via darrenleno/Flickr

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