Your iPhone Is Freezing in the Polar Vortex Too: Here's What to Do

How’s that Polar Vortex treating you? Are you frozen solid yet? How many layers of clothing are you wearing? Did you give up altogether and wear ski clothes to the office? Is blood still circulating in your fingertips, or have they become useless on touchscreens?

It might not matter if your fingers are too cold to work your smartphone anyway, since apparently they hate the cold as much as us humans. Just like us, iPhones in freezing temps are drained of their energy much more quickly than when at comfortable temps, and if it gets too cold, they just shut down completely.


Toronto’s Global News just did an experiment to show that iPhones do indeed hate the cold. They took two identical, fully charged devices and left one outside in zero-degree weather, and the lucky one inside. After thirty minutes, they checked on them, and discovered that while the inside phone had only lost one percent of its power, its freezing brother lost 14 percent.

They couldn’t even use the frozen one -- it shut off when they tried.

If you’ve noticed that your iPhone has been losing power much more quickly than usual, or shutting down unexpectedly, you’re not going crazy. And you now have more reason to hate this cold thing happening right now.

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To keep your digital sidekick in topnotch form, consider keeping it close to your body, like in a pocket instead of in a purse or satchel. Also don’t try to use it so much when you’re out walking in the cold. You should be shoving your fingers under your armpits to keep them warm anyway. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does that?

A case might help too, and in more ways than one. It adds a layer of protection between your precious and the bitter cold, and also against the ground in case of a drop. And let’s face it -- frozen, numb fingers are butterfingers.

Have you noticed your smartphone acting strangely in the cold weather?

Image via Photo Giddy/Flickr

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