Easy Pom Pom Valentine's Day Wreath You Can Make Yourself (VIDEO)

Kat Bouska We Tried It

I love any holiday that will give me an excuse to decorate my home in red, pink, and purple. When I saw the pom pom Valentine wreaths floating around Pinterest, I knew I just had to have one. I noticed some pom pom Valentine wreaths were adorned with large, puffy poms made from yarn, while others looked like the typical pom poms we use for most of our crafts. I wanted to find out if my Valentine wreath could look as festive as the Valentine wreaths I was seeing on Pinterest, and I wanted to know where I could get my hands on those giant yarn pom poms!

Watch as I reveal the answers to my dilemma below!:

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What do you think of the pom pom wreath?

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