Fox Eating From Fisherman’s Hand Is Strangely Mesmerizing to Watch (VIDEO)

What did the fox say? Not sure, because he was in Russia. However, if I could understand him, most likely he was saying, "I'm hungry!" A beautiful little fox was caught on camera befriending two ice fishermen in Russia, looking for something to eat. If you've never seen a fox up close, look at this little beauty.


The fishermen call her over and throw her some meat and other snacks. You can tell she's wary, but her stomach is overriding her fear of humans. It's really sad that she's roaming around the ice looking for food -- but maybe she's just gotten accustomed to fishermen in that spot and knows she will be in for a treat or two.

I've heard horror stories about people who get an animal's trust with food, only to then trap or kill them, so I was quite relieved to see that the Russian guys had no nefarious intent. How cute and delicate the little fox is. I want one!

Thanks to a friend who speaks the language, I can translate what the man was saying:

Hey Redhead, come here, come here ...
Have a little bit, take it. 
Ah what a beauty. Look at what he's doing.
Here's another piece for you.
You're not shy.

Aww. Check it out:

And that, my friends, is a real fox to show your kids. Some YouTube viewers have speculated that this fox was once domesticated -- jeez, I hope not. Others have expressed their disappointment with the "lack of singing and dancing." Come on. The little bugger was on ice!


Image via YouTube

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