Cute 'Pyro Pet' Cat Candle Melts Down Into a Freaky, Fiery Monster (PHOTOS)

kisa candle pyro petI'm strictly a dog person, but I can understand why some people love their cats. I can even understand why you may want a cute, pink candle shaped in the form of your beloved feline. That's sort of what a company called Pyro Pet Candles is attempting to do with their new "Kisa" (which means kitty in Icelandic) candle, which they describe as, "Sweet little kittens are transformed in a fire." Hmm. Yes, actually, this is something you really just need to see to get a full grasp on.

The candle starts out as you see here (left). But as it burns, it "transforms" ... sort of like a Chia Pet gone evil. According to, "crawling from the ashes come forth grinning metallic devils with sharp claws and fire blazing in their eyes." AKA KITTY HORROR SHOW!


kisa candle pyro pet 2 kira pyro pet 3

kira pyro pet 4

kira pyro pet 5

Aggghhh!! What the ...?! And wait, as if that wasn't enough for ya, apparently, this will be just ONE of several "animal-shaped candles that each reveal a surprise within as they burn." WHHHHYYY oh why?

First of all, isn't anyone terrified that this may be a fire hazard? Second, who wants to have to clean up all that wax?! Isn't there a REASON most candles -- like Yankee or similar -- come in glass jars or are votives you're supposed to stick in votive holders

All right, so it's clearly meant as a gag. But thankfully does show how you can put it in a glass jar. Because even when you're burning an evil wax kitty for giggles, you should probably make sure to do it safely.

Would you ever buy a candle like this? What's the craziest candle you've ever seen?


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