Woman Finds Something Scary in Couch She Picked Up Off the Street (VIDEO)

There are several concerns one might have when picking up a secondhand piece of furniture. In the last few years, bringing home bed bugs is a big fear. Then there are the weird stains and smells that can be embedded into the upholstery of that well-used item. But what a woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan found living in her couch tops any of that. Get ready to squirm -- big time!


Holly Wright thought she was lucky to find a great-looking couch on the curb. She took it home, cleaned it up, and put it in her bedroom. She read on the couch, did work there, her dog even slept on it sometimes. There it sat for two months before she discovered a shocking resident that had made a home between the cushions. One day, she looked over to see a snake slithering out of the couch.

And this wasn't just some little, harmless garter snake. It was a four-foot python. Just the thought gives me the willies. Snakes are the one critter that totally freak me out. They are so stealthy. So creepy. Not to mention, potentially deadly.

Wright believes the reptile only came out of hiding because it was hungry. "It didn't really react or hiss ... It was quite cold in the room, there was no food for the snake and I think it came out of the couch because it was dying," she said. In fact, it did die before she was able to get veterinary help for it. The big-hearted woman was actually more saddened than freaked out by the whole incident. She felt bad that an animal was suffering in her home and she had no idea. She has since buried the snake and put the couch back on the street with a sign warning, "Do Not Pick Up."

Beyond freaky, if you ask me. I don't care how desperate you are for furniture, this should make everyone think twice before picking up stuff from the side of the road.

Have you ever found something unexpected in a secondhand piece of furniture?

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