Taylor Swift Angers Neighbors After Tearing Up Beach Around Her Home

Taylor Swift mansion

Well, apparently she needed to do one more thing to make people loathe her -- which is why Taylor Swift is digging up the beach outside her Rhode Island mansion to make room for her own personal wall around the perimeter of her pad.

And now residents of the town are all bent out of shape because she supposedly does not have a permit to build the wall. It will also make it impossible for them to access the beach around her home, which is currently public.

TMZ is reporting that Taylor's camp claims she was asked by the town to move some of the rocks surrounding the property, and is actually re-building an old wall that used to stand there before Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012.


But even if that's the case -- her neighbors are pretty pissed off about her causing a ruckus and blocking them from chilling out on the stretch of sand in front of her palatial home.

Ok, so you guys know I'm usually not a fan of anything Taylor does, says, wears, or anything in between. But I can't say that I'm really all too surprised that she's turning her property into a fortress -- and I can't say that I blame her.

Here's the thing -- I've been to Watch Hill (where the house is) quite a few times, and it's not exactly a big place. And ever since she moved in, she's had to contend with people trying to get as close as they can to her mansion to catch a glimpse of her or run into her or whatever.

And while I know that's kind of part of the deal when you buy a home with public beach access -- is it really wrong for Taylor to want a little more privacy? I mean, you'd think when you shell out $17 million in cash for a vacation home, it would keep you safe from prying eyes.

Maybe if Taylor's neighbors (who aren't exactly hurting for money either) would have left her alone and not tried to get all up in her business, she wouldn't feel the need to put a ring of stone around her section of the coastline.

I'm sure she purchased the pad so she'd have somewhere to go and escape. Maybe the addition of the wall will help the place become what it was meant to be.

After all, it's not like there are a ton of buyers out there who are willing to drop that kind of dough for a summer home. Odds are good she'll have the house for quite some time -- so she might as well make it as secure as she damn well pleases.

Do you think Taylor is wrong to build this wall around her house?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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