Netflix Instant Bids Farewell To Your Favorite Movies

NetflixYou know how I like to spend my Sunday mornings? By screaming "NAAAAOOOOO" loudly up at the heavens (or, you know, my ceiling). So thanks for helping me achieve my goals, NETFLIX. Everyone's favorite internet-based home of streaming of movies (#sorrynotsorryhulu) just issued a press release saying that they are culling a major list of movies of and T.V. shows for January 1st.

Movies are the second greatest casualty of expiration dates. The first of course, being milk. RIP that 1% I forgot about before I went away for Christmas. We barely knew ye. 


Netflix announced that it is purging over 100 titles from its impressive collection of Instant Watches. Of course this doesn't apply to you folks still using the "mail" to get your "DVDS". Unless, of course, Netflix decides to start setting all the hard copies on fire -- just so you don't feel excluded from all the fun.

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Some of the T.V. shows going bye-bye include the original camp '60s classic, Dark Shadows which inspired the recent remake with Johnny Depp. Also, the brilliant, Canadian sketch series Kids in the Hall. If you don't know about Chicken Lady now, you've got a handful of days to binge watch the hell out of her and her antics.

A few of the movies getting kicked out -- Can't Hardly Wait, Platoon, Braveheart, and I'm Gonna Get You Sucka. In other words, the best and weirdest movie marathon ever. Get yourself some popcorn and a blanket to put over your head when things get weird (and they will get weird). You've got some movies to watch. 

Netflix still provides its viewers with a movie's instant expiration date above the title on its own platform. But if you've used a 3rd party site for that intel in the past, you are SOL. Netflix, in a fit of shade, decided to stop giving that info 3rd parties. It's a tricksy beast, but it's our beast. 

Which movies from the list are you going to check out before they go away?


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