Cats Dancing to 'Nutcracker' Put Sugar Plum Fairies to Shame (VIDEO)

There are a few things Christmas is really not complete without ... Santa. Gifts. Charlie Brown. Christmas tree. Oh, and the Nutcracker Suite ballet. Seriously, how many times have you seen that damn thing? Well, you probably have never seen it like this ... danced by CATS. Oh, Internet. How you get me.


A YouTube user named DrNworb, identified as Doug Brown, uploaded his rescued Russian Blue sugar plum fairies twirling to the ultimate Russian composer, Tchaikovsky. With the help of a laser pointer, these swans out-pirouette Mikhail Baryshnikov. Doug writes:

Though not purebreds, Thunder & Monkey must have quite a bit of Russian Blue in them 'cause only Russians could spin and dance this well. Panther is nicknamed the 'Black Russian' as he prefers being served drinks to dancing and yes, our floors and doors and walls are being completely destroyed by our dancing boys but who cares when you’re having this much fun!

Check it out:

Wow, I bet Doug didn't realize when he rescued these graceful swans he would be treated to Nutcracker quality spinning on his kitchen floor. What a way to bring the holidays home.

If Tchaikovsky was around today, he'd probably call this the KittyCrack Sweet. 'Cause there's no way you can watch this video without getting totally addicted!

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