8 After Christmas Sales That Make Braving the Crowds Worth It

With all of the shopping you've just done, probably the last thing you want to do the day after Christmas is MORE shopping -- however, you could be leaving some amazing deals on the table. In fact, if you were smart, you'd celebrate Christmas on Dec. 27. Hey, not a bad idea. Too bad I just thought of it. Not only do stores need to clear out their holiday inventory, they also need to clear out their year-end inventory, so it's usually a double-whammy of sales. Here are 8 of the best bets for places you should be able to find deep post-Xmas sale-poloozas.



According to Deal News, January is the best time to buy HDTVs because brands role out their new models that month, and it's time to get rid of the old. Last February, LCD HDTVs dropped by 6%. Late January will also see heavy discounts on tablets, digital cameras, and laptops.

Home Furniture

Several home outlets, like Home Depot and Pottery Barn, will introduce new furniture collections in February, which means that stock will have to move soon, so expect prices to slash for December and January.


US-Mattress already has up to 50% off on mattresses through December 25, but DealNews says to expect even steeper discounts after the big day.


Year-end deals will start on December 23 and extend until after Christmas. Sign up for daily emails on daily deals.


The day after a big holiday like Christmas is the best day for scooping up deals on Godiva chocolates, normally a bit pricey for the average chocoholic.


For the best year end deals on clothes, DealNews recommends Banana Republic, Club Monaco, GAP, and French Connection. Last year, you could find deals of 50% off on clothes that were ALREADY marked down 75%. That's like free clothes, people.

Christmas decorations

It goes without saying -- though I'll say it anyway -- that the time to buy Christmas trimmings is the day after Christmas. You can get a grear deal on a tree too --  if you're sticking to that December 27 Christmas thing (can we make that catch on?). Kohl's already has some steep discounts, expect them to go down. Hallmark is another place you can expect discounts on Christmas goods.

Fitness products

People make all kinds of resolutions after the holiday to slim down get in shape. Since stores know this, they're more likely to slash their prices to take advantage of people's fragile willpower -- which will probably wilt with high prices. Check out Sports Authority and Lululemon.

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Where are your favorite places to buy after Christmas?


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