20 Easy Last-Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts

Emily Abbate | Dec 11, 2017 Home & Garden
20 Easy Last-Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts


From the second Black Friday came and went, we've been exhausted from Christmas shopping. It's as if every single store has had a 50 percent off sale for the past month, and yet even so, there are still people on our Christmas list we have to shop for. It kind of seems like our list is growing even when we're asleep. Our problem? We can't stand 'em anymore. No, not our distant relatives -- the stores. We're going as far as to say that holiday shopping has the potential to ruin all the festive joy of its being the holidays!

We're talking exhausted, frantic shoppers and people complaining about coupons that have long expired. We're talking long lines, and chaotic stores that look more like scenes from an apocalyptic movie. We're talking racing to the store only to discover that the item we wanted is sold out. We're skeptical of any people who say they actually like holiday gift shopping. So what are we to do when we still need a few presents? Get our DIY on (which we can do in the comfort of our pajamas). 

There are a whole slew of easy, last-minute homemade gifts that a person can throw together ASAP; all these ideas are just hiding under our noses! And dare I say it, we may even have a bundle of fun in the process. Plus, DIY gifts are perfect to make in large batches, and for if we totally forget about someone's gift and don't want to brave the mess of a store we mentioned above. 

Check out our 20 last-minute holiday gifts folks can make themselves, here. (Fair warning: One might just discover a new beloved hobby in the process.)

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  • Candles



    Mason jars are pretty much the go-to container for all holiday DIY. These homemade candles are too cute!

  • Ornaments


    Who doesn't love a good Christmas ornament, right? The best part? The materials to make 'em are super cheap at your local craft store.

  • Fun Mugs



    Obsessed with these DIY mugs. Granted, it's fun to make them and give them as a gift. HOWEVER -- I love the idea of making your sweetie's and his making yours, even if his won't be that ... artistic.

  • iPhone Cases



    This studded iPhone case is super simple, and you can snag cheap base iPhone cases from a kiosk in your local mall. Make sure to use glue with some staying power, like gorilla or hot.

  • Wall Art




    Snag yourself some burlap and a wood frame to make this fun wall art. The best part? The options for whatever you want your piece to say are limitless!

  • A Jar of Cookie Ingredients



    I've always loved receiving these cookie ingredient jars because they help out whenever I'm in a jam. You know, when you find out you need to bring a baked good to a friend's party the night before? Hello, cookie jar best friend.

  • Jar of Hot Chocolate Ingredients


    Emily Abbate

    Is there nothing more seasonally perfect than a DIY hot chocolate jar? Hello, dessert. I was able to snag all of the stuff for this at my local Target, including my personal favorite touch: the mint sticks!

  • Lip Scrub


    Winter time equals dry and chapped lips. Remedy those by making a DIY lip scrub so good you could eat it. These lip scrub recipes by Lydi Out Loud are a great gift idea, and so easy to make! 

  • Bath Bombs


    Forget hitting up Lush or another expensive bath and body store. Make your own delicious-smelling bath bombs with this recipe, and gift them for a luxe and self-care-promoting gift! 

  • Cork Coasters


    Take a cue from Delineate Your Dwelling. Grab some cork coasters from your local craft store, and then decorate them into unique, one-of-a-kind decor with some acrylic paints. Use patterning tape to help you create uniform patterns. Wrap them up in ribbon, and you've got a creative gift set ready to go! 

  • Flavored Salt


    Need a gift for someone who loves to cook? Look no further, and make some flavored salts, which are accented with yummy ingredients like herbs and spices. The best part? You can make these in big batches, then separate them and gift them out to your chef friends. 

  • Chocolate-Covered Spoons


    Chocolate-covered spoons are an amazing invention. Just stir them in your coffee or any hot beverage, and boom! You've got a delicious treat now. They're also so easy to do, and perfect for your boss or kid's teacher. Kick them up a notch by adding crushed candy canes or marshmallows, or create cute patterns like Tatana's Everyday Food does.

  • Tea Wreath


    Tea has never looked prettier. Arrange tea bag packets around a fake wreath, and secure them with clothespins. This is the perfect gift for the host or hostess with the most or mostess! 

  • Ombré Tote Bag


    Tote bags are great, let's all admit that. They're great for carrying groceries, kiddie toys, baby stuff, the list goes on. Update your friend's tote bag by making your own ombré dipped one. It's much easier than it looks, and only requires one bottle of dye!

  • Paint-Dipped Utensils


    These paint-dipped wooden utensils are an adorable and colorful gift that is easy on your schedule and wallet. The best part is that you can make them custom for each person you're gifting them to by adding patterns or polka dots, or even just based on your color scheme. Just use some painter's tape to block off where you want the color to end, and go at it with some paint. (Use food-safe paint, if you're extending far down the handle!)

  • Lotion Bars


    Lotion bars look like little bars of soap, but are actually supposed to melt into a moisturizer when touching skin. Their base recipe uses coconut oil, shea butter or cocoa butter, and beeswax, but make them unique with essential oils and various scents. Let them cool in different-shaped molds (like for ice cubes), and then package them up in a mason jar for an eye-pleasing and cheap gift!

  • Painted Tea Towels


    Everybody could use more kitchen towels, right? Customize a tea towel by adding some painted accents. Just print out or cut out a stencil for a pattern, then use masking tape to make sure the stencil sticks and the lines are clean before painting with multi-surface paint. Let dry, and ta-da!

  • Homemade Tea Blends


    What's cozier than snuggling up to a steaming cup of tea during a wintry day or evening? Nothing, that's what. Country Cleaver tells us how simple it is to make your own tea blend. All you need are fruits, like lemon or ginger, and then some dried herbs and flowers. Pop the fresh ingredients in the oven so they dry, then chop it all up, and package the tea blend in pretty jars.

  • Linen Spray


    Give someone the gift of the smell of fresh laundry, without the burden of always having fresh laundry. DIY a linen spray using vodka, lavender, pine, and lemon essential oils, among others. Pour the mixture into a pretty bottle.

  • Lip Balm


    Cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut or olive oil, and some essential oils are all you need for homemade lip balm. Just make sure you do research to see which oils are able to be used on your lips. You can make a batch of lip balm in just one day.


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