20 Easy Last-Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts


From the second Black Friday came and went, we've been exhausted from Christmas shopping. It's as if every single store has had a 50 percent off sale for the past month, and yet even so, there are still people on our Christmas list we have to shop for. It kind of seems like our list is growing even when we're asleep. Our problem? We can't stand 'em anymore. No, not our distant relatives -- the stores. We're going as far as to say that holiday shopping has the potential to ruin all the festive joy of its being the holidays!

We're talking exhausted, frantic shoppers and people complaining about coupons that have long expired. We're talking long lines, and chaotic stores that look more like scenes from an apocalyptic movie. We're talking racing to the store only to discover that the item we wanted is sold out. We're skeptical of any people who say they actually like holiday gift shopping. So what are we to do when we still need a few presents? Get our DIY on (which we can do in the comfort of our pajamas). 

There are a whole slew of easy, last-minute homemade gifts that a person can throw together ASAP; all these ideas are just hiding under our noses! And dare I say it, we may even have a bundle of fun in the process. Plus, DIY gifts are perfect to make in large batches, and for if we totally forget about someone's gift and don't want to brave the mess of a store we mentioned above. 

Check out our 20 last-minute holiday gifts folks can make themselves, here. (Fair warning: One might just discover a new beloved hobby in the process.)

Irina Burakova/Shutterstock

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