7 Easy Last-Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate Love It!

Christmas GiftsFrom the second Black Friday came and went, I've been exhausted from Christmas shopping. It's as if every single store has had a 50 percent off sale for the past month, and yet even so, there are still people on my Christmas list I have to shop for. My problem? I can't stand 'em anymore. No, not my distant relatives -- the stores. Exhausted, frantic shoppers and people complaining about coupons just aren't on my good list right now. So what's a lady to do who still needs a few presents? Get her DIY on.

There are a whole slew of easy, last-minute homemade gifts that you can throw together ASAP. And dare I say it, you may even have a bundle of fun in the process. Check out our 7 last-minute holiday gifts you can make yourself, here:

Have you ever made any of these gifts?